Lower the Legal Drinking age because If you are recognized as an adult at 18, then you should be granted all rights

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I grew up when the legal drinking age was 18, in my upbringing alcohol wasn’t vilified, and if we were to drink it was at home, with parental supervision that exemplified responsible consumption. I was raised with three generations of Italian women, in our own little subculture on a family farm. Food and drink were to be celebrated, and thankful for. From a young age, we were served wine with our Sunday meals, and all holidays. As a teenager wine & beer were common around the table, and it was part of life, never abused, it was normal. Oftentimes the liveliest conversations were fueled by a couple glasses of red wine. There was always laughter, animated card games, boisterous one sided conversations with the football game on TV. It is with this life experience that I can bring a unique perspective. I was a young teen when the federal government introduced the 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act. Along with setting the legal drinking age to 21, an extreme consequence if the state chose not abide was a reduction in federal highway funding by 10%. (APIS) Naturally the states were in a hurry to enact this legislation or suffer a financial hit to their highway budgets.
In society today children are taught that alcohol is a drug, categorized with the likes of cocaine, crack, marijuana, and any amount of intake is considered abhorrent. But like anything else, it has about the same effect as telling someone to not look directly at the train wreck. The problem lies in including alcohol into the drug category, to simplify, it is not an illegal drug, and once a person passes the age of 21, there is an inundation of advertisements, freedom of shopping for, consuming at restaurants, bars, and it becomes a free for all, the gates are ...

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...ate higher overall compared to nations with lower legal age limits?
In summary by criminalizing alcohol for adults from 18-21 and instantaneously de-criminalizing and even glorifying the coveted day an individual turns 21 we have made a new problem, one that doesn’t exist in other countries. American students have been indoctrinated with alcohol and drug awareness, and learning the dangers of each, alcohol is not an illegal drug, and shouldn’t be taught as such. If we raise kids in an environment that teaches responsibility and respect, alcohols appeal to new adults is the knowledge and desire that it should not be obtained. The government is regulating what is perceived as adult privilege, like voting, renting an apartment, getting married, or fighting for our country. When these new found abilities can be had, save for one, it clearly becomes more desirable

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