Low Socioeconomic Status

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The impacts of a low socioeconomic status are far reaching for individuals and especially for families throughout the world. A low socioeconomic status is often measured in combination with education, income and occupation. While this paper focuses on education, research shows that income and occupation are all correlated and impact each area. Research has shown that education is a predictor of income and occupation. The topic that will be discussed the affect of low socioeconomic status on student achievement. My hypothesis states that a low socioeconomic status background negatively affects student academic achievement. The research articles reviewed a wide range of individuals from the earliest stages of education to college. The articles looked not only individuals from American but also a number of countries including Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Going into this research I already knew some of the many negative effects that a low socioeconomic status would have on a child's education. Children from a low socioeconomic background do not always have the best health care or the best nutrition when compared to …show more content…

Examples include extra tutoring, involvement in special after school programs and clubs and athletic teams. A majority of the population believes that there are programs in place that take into consideration the disadvantaged backgrounds children come from and the programs give the students a fair shot at education. Sadly, this is not the case. While upward mobility policies are possible, they might be unlikely. "Upward mobility might emerge because policies only provide opportunity for a limited number of low SES children to move up, and not all siblings from the same family have access to this limited number of slots or opportunities." (Eirich,

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