Love Essay: My Love: Love Of My Life

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Jermey, You know if you notice, when I 'd send you messages on Facebook its obvious the ones I was drunk when I sent them vs. when I wasn 't. I apologize so much. I know you dodge any fire I shot at you knowing it was out of my own issues, not you. I take all of the responsibility, you have no say. I know you are going to spin this into something more than I can comprehend.. but I can now trust me. Please keep those emails, I know you have. we do have a masterpiece in the making and I know whatever I do you 'll do 10x more, because you are that loving. I saw you with patients and me.... your eyes give away how compassionate and loving you are for me.. along with your worried Ben face. I 'm surprised I didn 't age you like Obama after a term. You know I 'll go bald before you.…show more content…
Its obvious by my emails 3 years ago how much I loved you and only you and I still feel the same, if not a mature version of that (yea I might get a bit excited at times still.. but it is you Jermey, youuuuu the love of my life. Your picture is the definition of my love). I believe you wanted me to make that connection as well. Plus it sounded like all I 've ever wanted to do was spread love and have people all move on "together". But with you beside me. Perhaps, you just let me do exactly that the whole time since I last saw you and grab enough people to have an army to change the world a
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