Loss Of Innocence In Lord Of The Flies

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On my essay I will be writing about the book Lord of the flies. This book is written and narrated by William Golding. The setting of this story is in WW2. Where a bunch of kids are flying to a country but get shot down on the way. They manage to get to a nearby island where they get their bearings. The main characters are Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon. Then there are the little kids A.K.A the “littluns”.

The deaths of Piggy and Simon are the largest literal tragedies in Lord of the Flies. The main tragedy would be the loss of innocence that all of the children experience on the island. They kids knew that all civilization on the island was lost when the conch was smashed along with Piggy. Another tragedy could have been when all the island was burnt , but it didn't matter because right after it burnt they were rescued.

You can read Lord of the Flies as religious or at least some of it. The first few chapters of the book, the island itself resembles the Garden of Eden from Genesis, with its beautiful scenery, delicious fruit, and amazing weather. Ralph’s first act after the plane cr...

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