Literary Symbols And Literary Analysis Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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Title: The Yellow Wallpaper
I think this title give the reader an old and scary feeling because of the word “yellow”. Based on the word “yellow wallpaper”, the reader can guess that it might happened in an old house or somewhere indoor that is old.
Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
-She was born in Hartford, Connecticut
-She had a painful and lonely childhood
-She married to an artist Charles Stetson
-She had extended period of depression, and the doctor told Charles did not let Gilman do anything. She needed to rest.
-Her depression inspired her to write “The Yellow Wallpaper
-She devoiced with Charles in 1892, and married to George Houghton Gilman in 1900
Setting (Time, Place, Social Context-(Significance?)):
In a huge and old house that is inhered to the narrator. It was during summer or vacation time.
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During the day, the narrator would write a little bit and look at the wallpaper. During night, she will look at the trapped woman.
At the end, the narrator become insane. She start peeling the wallpaper and changed to a completely insane person.
Literary Elements
-yellow wallpaper: to reflect the narrator is trap in the house and forbidden to do anything
-the metal bars window: the narrator wants the freedom to do something that she likes to do, but she is trapped
John thinks when they move to a new place, and the narrator can get more rest and she can get well soon. The ironic is the narrator did not get well, oppositely, she become insane.
Possible Themes or Purposes
I think the possible theme is “The Important to Express Yourself”. In the story, the narrator is wanting to please her husband and do whatever he wants her to do. I am thinking if she can stand for herself and tell john what she wants to do instead of feeling trapped. The ending can be different. Therefore, I think the theme is “The Important to Express
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