Literary Analysis Of Latin Night At The Pawnshop

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Latin Night at the Pawnshop 1. The poet uses the Latin to symbolize the Latin culture during Christmas. 2. The tone of this poem are sad and nostalgic. He is very sad because he found a place that salsa is not heard in Christmas. Other than that, he feels very sad because there are no musicians play the salsa, although the instruments are available. 3. Yes, because when Christmas arrives in Latin countries, the weather is quite warm where the big sensation is salsa. This music is very popular among every Latin. 4. The central point of this poem is the poetry feels very sad because it was a custom that salsa music will be play during Christmas. Unfortunately, there is no musicians to play the salsa music. The poet feels very sad because the culture will be forgotten soon if people did not practiced it.…show more content…
The speaker’s attitude toward this poem is he has a perspective where he can imagine everything happens whether in the midst of the Titanic 's construction or after the boat starts to sail. He almost can see everything what is going to happen to the Titanic especially when he says the "later history" that will become the Titanic 's story. 2. The three words are convergence, twain and loss. Convergence symbolizes the process of coming together or the state of having together toward a common point. This means a couple that their marriage have been planned by their parents in order to achieve a dream like money or cooperation between two companies. Twain symbolizes for a couple where a man and a woman have been set together. Loss means the process of losing someone. This mean a couple that did not love each other; they might break up one day. 3. The word ‘Twain’ symbolizes the ship and the iceberg. The cause of the disaster is the collision between the iceberg and the ship. No, he is just the one who witnesses the tragedy and tries to put all the thing in a way to explain it to everyone.
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