Linking A Continent And A Nation By Jack Chen

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The United States has had a changing view on the management of foreign policy from neutrality to a defender of democracy. It is characterized by the Monroe Doctrine during the 20th century that states no American interference in European affairs unless the democracy of the western hemisphere were to be threatened. This ideology was later abandoned with the entering of the U.S. in WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam War. The immigrants of this nation were the backbone of the working class that enabled for the U.S. to prosper economically in an open trade. As an established super power the United States has had a series of world relationships that began in 1877 to the progression of today that established the fundamental values of American exceptionalism.…show more content…
Despite the successful trade market between China and the U.S. the textbook Created Equal makes the point that there was a strict opposition to Chinese immigrants. The Chinese Exclusion Act was approved by Congress in 1882 that sought to keep Chinese immigrants out. In the essay Linking a Continent and a Nation by Jack Chen throughout he argues of the importance of Chinese labor in the construction of the transcontinental railroad and the failure of the U.S. government in acknowledging this labor force. During the 1920s a hatred for Jews and Catholics grew due to the skyrocketing of Judeo-Christian values. Furthermore, during the Red Scare during the early 20th century resulted in the unfair internment of Japanese-Americans. In 1924, the end of European immigration was discussed in class. These are important to the relationship the United States has with the world since they are all the pinnacle of American nationalism and exceptionalism. As discussed in class of the aftermath of 9/11 of the new foreign policy that called for the elimination of any superpower right from the gecko post-cold war. The diffusion of western culture has also caused a Mcdonaldization effect of the consumption of pop culture. Consumerism has left many businesses resorting to outsourcing to third world countries for cheap labor. The 2016 presidential election saw a rise in fake news of racism and violence with the presidential elect Donald Trump. The outcome of this presidential election was discussed in class with an agreement of a loss in stature for the United States in the eyes of other
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