Life's Work of Jacob Abramham Camille Pissanco

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Something as simple as a painting unlocks an entire world. Jacob-Abraham-Camille Pissarro demonstrates this by his many paintings of common life during his time period. With passion and dedication, Pissarro paints throughout his entire life. He tries out many styles of art, but the most influential type became Impressionism. Impressionism started the foundation for Pissarro’s peeks into the past. Pissarro’s experiences, experiments with artistic styles, and the time period helps shape his art; specifically one dealing with peasants in a common setting.
Camille Pissarro’s world started when he came into this world on July 10, 1830 on the island of St. Thomas. Starting his career of art, Pissarro moved to Paris in 1855. He grew up in an age of new technology- for art and the world. Throughout Pissarro’s entire life, he continually experimented with new styles and techniques of art unhtil his death. Pissarro was a Jewish-Creole, so he could not go to the normal Jewish school. At twelve, he went to boarding school in France. Then he moved to Venezuela in 1852, the returning to Paris in 1855. All this moving changed Pissarro’s perspective on life. Pursuing business as a career, Pissarro never stopped experimenting with art. Pissarro’s early paintings were painted broadly in a natural style. Marrying in 1871, Camille Pissarro and Julie Vellay later had nine children, but two of them died as young children. All of Pissarro’s children enjoyed painting like their father. During the Franco-Prussian War, Pissarro fled to England. In doing this, Pissarro became interested in English landscapes. Some of his most famous paintings came from this period of 1870-1871. When the Franco-Prussian War ended, Pissarro sadly returned home to forty of hi...

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...e back right corner draws attention. Looming darkness in the clouds and sky discourage the mood of the seemingly pleasant peasant painting. Possibly foreshadowing a future event, the sky ominously illustrates the burdens of life constantly held over farmers’ heads. Farming for peasants required extreme perseverance-physically and mentally. The brightness of the painting represents the good times, but the sky, as a constant reminder to the peasants and observer of the painting, reminds the troubles possibly present. This normal, everyday scenario, with Pissarro’s help, lets culture nowadays peek into the past of the 1800’s.
Camille Pissarro pioneers in the Impressionistic style. He helps the world see how life worked in the late 1800’s. History, new technologies, and Pissarro’s passion create masterpieces that will last a lifetime and impact future art and people.
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