Life on Smillmarillion

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The three Smilmarills were perfectly crafted recycling bins. They had been made by Smeanor, the best crafter of the Smelves. The Smelves were the cunning, speedy good guys. They were amazing archers that lived in Smumenor. The Smelves had fair skin, long hair and pointy ears.

They were in an age of epicness, because of their amazing king, Smundriel. Smundriel was the bravest Smelf, but he was young, and rash, which would cause problems for him in the future.

Anyways, the Smilmarills kept the world of Middle-Smearth working. The Smelves could recycle, so there was no garbage. The problem was that Smorgoth, Dark Lord of Garbage,and amazing military leader, desired the Smilmarills so he could finally be cleansed of his garbage and sweet-talk Smundriel as a clean, snake-like salesman and finally take over Middle-Smearth.

Smorgoth, also known as Smelkor, took counsel from his lieutenant, Smauron. Now, Smauron was not a very nice guy, and was secretly plotting to kill Smelkor and take Smelkor’s army of Smorcs for himself, and take over Middle-Smearth. Smorcs were the dumb servants and soldiers of Smelkor. They always followed his orders. Because Smauron wanted to kill Smelkor, he told him: “Yes, my humble lord Smelkor, take the Smilmarills. You will be restored to your former greatness!” Smauron thought his master would die if he fought with the Smelves.

Smauron’s poisonous words worked like magic, and Smelkor decided right away to attack the Smelves, and take the Smilmarills. But, Smauron was worried that the Smorcs might overpower the Smelves in their numbers alone, so he told Smorgoth that he should sneakily take the recycling bins. Smorgoth thought this was a great idea, and said that it would be a solo mission.

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...d a huge ego, and hated it when other people made fun of him. In other words, he was just the wrong person to command Smansthorn. Soon after setting out on their journey, The two were bickering.

"We should go right, not left!"

" I should've been commander!"

"This food tastes like a leather shoe!"

"My turn on the horse!"

"You fool! You're not a warrior, you're a princess!"

"You know nothing of heroism!"

And so on, and so on, and so on. Finally, it was too much for Smuthien.

"Will you please both SHUT UP?!"

"Shhhhh" all the warriors said. "There are smorcs in this forest! The could hear you!"

And hear her they did, for in the next hour, a troop of smorcs attacked.

“Kill them! Make them dead! Mutilate them! Destroy them! Kill kill kill death death death blood bloo----

Smeren, quite frustrated with the Smorc's banter, cut off its head.

“Take that, you fool

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