Life And Death Case Study

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When one contemplates the notion of life and death, whether he or she believes in a Creator or not, the miracle in the form of the human body is undeniable. It is challenging to fathom an objective perspective of a person’s dying days, so to speak, as the experience is indeed individualistic. In the particular case of a patient named John, it is imperative to arrive at an ethical judgment regarding his request to have medical assistance in ending his life, due to his terminal illness. As a professional on the medical ethics committee concerning this case, there is a responsibility of venturing to comprehend not only morally acceptable treatments, but also to scrutinize short and long-term impacts of such decisions on the physicians, as well as society at large. Inclusive in this time sensitive process is the Christ-centered worldview that I observe, which is a set of Godly principles that govern every facet of my life.
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Furthermore, it explains that “the coexistence of these opposing wishes has been explained as part of…moral understandings at the end of life” (Radbruch et al., 2016, p. 110). Needless to state, if a patient experiences difficulty in grasping the end of their mortality, surely it is reasonable that physicians and loved ones also wrestle with it. Being in possible partnership concerning ending another person’s life should bring about serious discernment. Such decisions placed on people other than the patient can unknowingly lead to regret, depression, and self-doubt, as well as set a precedent that over time may spiral out of control. These are additional reasons for my decision not to recommend physician-assisted suicide for John, the

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