Life After Teen Suicide

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As a teenager, there's nothing better than when the weekend rolls around. A full week of responsibilities can seem like torture at the young age of 16. However, unlike a typical Friday night of partying, I chose to trade the excitement for an uneventful night of movies and junk food. Little did I know this weekend was to be anything but uneventful, and would soon turn my world upside down.

Lying in my bed I began to doze off until I heard the familiar sound of an incoming text message. "Wanna hang out tonight?...I'll pick you up there's a party," Andrew tried to persuade me to brave the bitter January cold. Staring at my phone I contemplated joining in on the fun. I was aggravated with Andrew for blowing off our plans the night before, this being one of my biggest pet peeves. I pushed the reply button thinking of a witty response, but ultimately decided to leave his question unanswered. I placed the phone back on my nightstand, and popped the movie Legally Blonde into my tiny TV with an ancient VCR. Crawling under my warm blankets, I laughed along with Reese Witherspoon, event...

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