Lhcliff And Wuthering Heights

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Two of the most distinguished novels in 19th century England include Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Both of these novels illuminate the lives of the Aristocracy of England and the dramas and errors the class makes for love and importance. In Wuthering Heights, Bronte tells the dark love tale of Heathcliff and Catherine. Contrastingly, Austen’s classic novel focuses on a lighter more vapid side of upper class England. Regardless, both authors create characters that both annoy and endear readers. A primary comparison can be drawn between Lydia Bennet of Pride and Prejudice and Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights. While each are distinct in their own way, both female characters show some of the same mentalities and make very similar choices.

A primary example of the similarities between Catherine and Lydia is their impulsiveness. In Pride and Prejudice, Lydia runs away to marry the deceitful soldier Wickham. Similarly, Catherine marries her affluent neighbor Edgar Linton. Both of their decisions to marry show how they truly live for their own pleasure. Lydia marries Wickham primarily to lord her marriage over her sisters. Also, Lydia believes that Wickham will be able to provide a glamorous lifestyle for her. Catherine marries Edgar Linton believing that it will be best for her as he is wealthy and handsome and is her only option as it seems Heathcliff will not return to her. Marriage for the two ladies is simply another way for them to be taken care of while still living rather vapidly. Their impulsiveness is allowed to flourish because of the environments that they are in.

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...loved the idea of being married to Wickham. In the end it is Catherine’s love for Heathcliff which slightly redeems her for all the pain she has caused him, her husband and all the others forced to put up with her.
In conclusion, Catherine Earnshaw and Lydia Bennet enact similar behaviors but end their stories with different results. While both act recklessly, their motives for doing so vary greatly. Lydia acts mostly to make her life more interesting for herself while Catherine acts to ease her own pain from a love that she has kept herself from. Wuthering Heights gives its female characters dark lives and even darker ends whereas Pride and Prejudice allows its characters to truly enjoy love. Both Jane Austen and Emily Bronte wrote highly acclaimed classics of English literature which have continued to thrive and teach for the past two centuries.
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