Letter To Linda for Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Dear Mother,

Since I have been visiting your sister’s family for a while now, I do believe that I must inform you of the state in which this family is in. I have some concerns in regards to the well being of the four members living under this tension-filled roof. I am watching a horrible train wreck that is just about to occur right before my baby blue eyes! Linda seems to be a very giving woman. She resembles you, my mother, very much. The difference comes in years; she looks much older than you. It is not clear however, if she looks this way because of her ripe age or if the many stresses surrounding the family have altered her looks in such a way. I can see very keenly that your sister is in a struggle at this point in time. I know and understand that she loves her husband unconditionally. However, she is over-defensive when it comes to what is said about him. It has been like walking on egg shells when asking very general questions about my uncle. Mrs. Loman never seems to take a break from reassuring herself and anyone who will listen that her husband is a fine man-the finest. This behavior is not healthy on any level in my personal opinion. I cannot grasp the fact that I arrive here as a guest, with few wise years behind me, and can see that this lifestyle of keeping the truth locked up is very wrong; yet Linda cannot admit to seeing it for herself. I am certain that she does see what is so very wrong, yet refuses to acknowledge it in any way. She tries exceedingly hard to put on many masks; disguising the problem that she has. During the first five days of my stay here at the Loman’s, Mr. Loman was nowhere to be seen. I asked about him and Linda said he was a fine salesman who is out on the road doing what salesmen do best. Throughout those first five days, even though the man was nowhere in sight, every word that poured out of your sister’s mouth seemed to be a tribute to Willy. Mrs. Loman boasted about Mr. Loman as if he was able to hear her from miles away on the road.
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