Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

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Linda Loman
As time grows, a spouse becomes a soul mate, best friend, and lover all in one. No one will ever show their dedication and love for you like your significant other and that’s what Arthur Miller addresses in the play Death of a Salesman. Linda Loman is the wife of Willy Loman, a man that treats her wrong but she still stands by his side. Linda is a vital character because she never has a low personality, she chooses her husband over her children she’s strong when her husband passes away and she the voice of the playwright.
Linda Loman has been noticing her husband has been down in the dumps but still attempts to keep him motivated. Usually when someone treats a person bad they simply remove themselves from the situation but Linda didn’t. Linda has “developed an iron repression of her exceptions to Willy’s behavior – she more than loves him, she admires him, as though his mercurial nature, his temper, his massive dreams and little cruelties, served her only as sharp reminders of the turbulent longings within him”(1070). Throughout the play Willy constantly disrespects and ignores Linda but she has become immune to it:
LINDA. Willy, dear, I got a new kind of American-type cheese today. It’s whipped.
WILLY. Why did you get American when I like Swiss?
LINDA. I just thought you’d like a change –
WILLY. I don’t want a change! I want Swiss cheese. Why am I always being contradicted?
LINDA (with a covering laugh). I thought it would be a surprise. (1071)
In the dialogue she keeps a positive attitude and brushes it off even he gets angry and becomes rude. Women are emotional creatures. Their feelings get hurt if they take something in the wrong context and Linda shows her strength by “[using] a covering laugh [and having] infin...

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...ngs are hurt because of her son’s actions. The playwright used Linda to show her anger as a mother and a wife. To give life and hope to the play, her major dialogues are to comfort her husband, support and put her children in their place and that’s important because the mood when it came to Willy, Biff and Happy was always negative.
To show her dedication and how much she cared about her husband, Linda showed strength in every situation she dealt with. She is a vital character because she never has a low personality regardless of everything she deals with, she chooses her husband over her children, she’s strong for everyone when her husband passes away and shes the main voice for the play.

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