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With its amazing visual effects and talented actors Les Miserables is definitely a must see. It is a beautiful musical that involves love, hate, death, and life. It takes place in France early 1800’s. The plot involves a refugee named Jean Valjean, who is released from prison but violates his parole to start a new life, then he meets a dying woman he vows to take care of her daughter Cosette, which turns out to be more difficult than he thought considering there is a war going on. Twentieth century musical is known for its outstanding details and numerous characters, especially Les Miserables.
Many events helped to shape Les Miserables. One important event that happened in this time period was invention of the airplane. It was invented on December …show more content…

It starts out with Jean Valjean, who was just released from prison but then violates his parole to start a new life as a mayor and factory owner(Les Miserables). When he meets one of his factory workers, Fantine, who turns very ill and is arrested for prostitution he promises
Fantine he will find and look after Cosette, Fantine’s only daughter(Les Miserables). After Valjean finds
Cosette and takes her in as his own Javert, Valjean’s old prison guard, recognizes Valjean(Les
Miserables). As Cosette grows older she has fallen in love with a man named Marius, who is a rebel in the French war(Les Miserables). Valjean realizes Javert has recognized him and insists they move.
Valjean saves Marius after the rebels were attacked. Valjean is given a chance to kill Javert but gives mercy, and Javert overcome with guilt kills himself(Les Miserables). Later at Cosette and Marius’s wedding Marius realizes Valjean saved him and goes to Valjean, now an old man, to thank him, but
Valjean dies at the reunion of Valjean, Marius, and Cosette(Les Miserables).
The theme of this beautiful production is the importance of love and compassion. Boubil

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