Learning Styles Questionnaire By Honey And Mumford My Scores

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agely – Assignment #3
After completing the Learning Styles Questionnaire by Honey and Mumford my scores were Reflector- 9, Theorist- 8, Pragmatist- 8, and Activist- 7. Comparing my scores with the provided descriptions of learning styles, I was not surprised by the results and the explanations. The probability of combinations of learning styles was listed, with Reflector/Theorist occurring the most. However, my results could easily be either Reflector/Theorist or Reflector/Pragmatist or a combination of all four styles. I am unsure if it is possible to be a “well-rounded” learner, but my scores suggest I have strong characteristics of all four styles of learning: Reflector, Theorist, Pragmatist, and Activist.
The scoring did not illustrate a dramatic deviation from the highest (Reflector-9) and lowest (Activist-7), and I attribute this to my adaptability. The limitation in scoring within the Activist style is the tendency to center all activities on oneself. I have reached a point where my personal ego is well satisfied and I do not need to be the center of attention. Rather, I tend to focus that energy in assisting the development of skills and abilities of others. However, I’m not afraid to lead when I feel my skills and abilities are necessary for the success of the group or believe the group lacks confidence in their direction.
Since beginning my undergraduate studies, I was challenged to develop and adapt my learning styles to numerous activities and situations. Additionally, I have controlled every aspect of my life and developed into a “do-it-yourself” type. No matter what the situation, I had to improvise, adapt and overcome the tasks presented. Often, requiring to challenge me to learn, explore and apply n...

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... effect of injuries and the course of treatment. At the same time, my experiences have created biases and it will be a challenge to unlearn those beliefs and techniques that proved effective to me as a personal trainer. Constantly I have to remind myself that I am a student and use those biases to formulate concrete questions to assist in my learning. Additionally, I look forward to the new and exciting opportunities to learn in greater depth and test my abilities. At times these challenges will require my best effort and I have to be mindful that perfection is not always the best response. Errors are part of the learning process and it enhances the overall

With my skill set as a “DIY” person, I have a tendency for perfectionism and can undertake more than I can handle at times. Relying on classmates for feedback and support over the next four years is
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