Learning About The Nature of Discipleship from Mark's Gospel

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Learning About The Nature of Discipleship from Mark's Gospel

The definition of disciple is the follower of the teachings of a

leader (one who follows). The definition can be open to interpretation

due to the ambiguous nature of the word 'follow'. To modern day

Christians the word 'disciple' normally conjures up the image of

bearded men 'following' Our Lord, like sheep following the shepherd.

Mark's Gospel, however, encourages us all to become disciples and

carry on the work that Jesus left to his disciples.

Jesus was the Son of God and some may ask why he needed followers, the

main reason is that the work he started will continue and spread

thought out the world after Jesus had departed. The first disciples to

be called were Simon and Andrew, two fishermen who were brothers.

Jesus called to them, "Come, follow me… and I will make you fishers of

men." This was a strange and powerful question to ask, but we are

told..."At once they dropped their nets and followed Him. The brothers

were committed, they obeyed the call as soon as they heard it, and

there was no hesitation. This shows us that nothing must stand in the

way of the one who is called. Not wealth, not even family: it is a

very selfless job.

When Levi was called many questioned Jesus' decision but he wanted to

show that anyone, even an outcast, a traitor and a dishonest man could

repent and be a disciple. Levi changed his ways he repented and turned

his life around. We all must do this if we want to be followers of

Christ. The call to be a disciple involves a significant change of

direction in life.

The disciples were not all perfect, none of us are; but the disciples

had a chance to learn from someone who was. Jesus' disciples were

learned a lot from their teacher in many ways. They watched him as he

preached to the people, as he prayed and most importantly when Jesus

preached the word of God to them.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jesus was the son of god and some may ask why he needed followers.
  • Opines that the way of the one who is called is not wealth, not even family.
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