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Not many people used to know what a vegan was. Veganism was a completely new idea and has only just started to gather momentum in the last few years. A man named Donald Watson, originally from England, was the first person to found the vegan movement in 1944. This vegan movement emphasized the moral, spiritual, social, health and economic advantages of being vegan. Watson realized he would never eat meat again when he saw a pig get slaughtered on his family farm, and has not for seventy eight years (Rodger 1). Dedicating yourself to a vegan lifestyle can be a challenging thing to do because of the world we live in. “Veganism means living solely on the products of the plant kingdom, to the exclusion of flesh, fish, fowl, animal milk, and all dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.), eggs, honey, and all other foods of animal origin (Stepaniak 19).” In November 1944, The Vegan Society decided to publish a manifesto. It stated that no human should consume any animal flesh and products and that the society wanted to stop man’s dependence on animals. The Vegan Society also wants to enlighten people on how slaughterhouses and dairy farms are incredibly inhumane (Stepanaik 4-5).
Our body design is a factual representation of why human beings are not supposed to be meat eaters. When comparing humans to other carnivores the differences are extremely
Knopp-Sargoni 2 noticeable. Most people do not enjoy killing animals with their bare hands and ripping apart its raw flesh and eating it straight away. They do not think about killing and eating prey all day long, and does the thought of a dead animal make your mouth water. For real carnivores all of it is true. However, for most humans the sight of fresh blood and intestines revolts us,...

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...o be stopped.
Cows are also one of the most mistreated animals in our world today. A cows natural life span is up to twenty five years, however on a farm they barely last to five years if that. Twenty years of living are robbed from these poor animals just to serve the human beings.

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