Leadership in the Carpathia Kickers

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He has a breakaway, winds up for the kick, he shoots, and he scores! Carpathia Kickers win the game. What makes a sports program successful? Is it the talent of the athletes or is it something more? Carpathia Kickers is a German soccer club that was formed over 52 years ago. Sine then it has grown into 32 teams. This organization is built of dedicated people in providing good quality soccer at low costs. It has evolved into an organization that allows families to be at the same place and have an enjoyable time together while watching and playing great soccer. I wanted to know how this program was able to build itself so successfully. As a result I went to observe a Carpathia Kickers meeting. From observing a meeting with the Carpathia Kickers, I was able to discover the theories of leadership that best fit their group along with the personality of the leader, and the strategies they used for group decisions and the way they communicated with one another. While analyzing the meeting I was able to distinguish two leadership theories that best fit the group, along with the personality of the leader. I feel the two leadership theories that best represent this group are the situational leadership theory and the transforming leadership theory. Situational leadership “enables leaders to respond the varying and changing needs of their followers” (Murray, n.d., p. 164). The leaders in this case are leaders of a soccer organization where the parents, athletes, and coaches will constantly have different needs throughout the seasons. Also, the four leaders, which are the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, also fit into the four different behaviors. For example, I had interviewed the treasurer who fell into the participativ... ... middle of paper ... ...unication during their meetings. The Carpathia Kickers is a great organization with many strong qualities. This organization would not be as successful today if it wasn’t for the leaders and members that take the time twice a month to come together to discuss new ideas and important matters to keep the organization running successfully. Through observing their meeting I was able to see the true backbone of a sports club. While you need good athletes to play the game, you will never be successful if you don’t have the backbone to support them. Works Cited Komives, S., Lucas, N., McMahon, T. (1998). Exploring leadership: For college students who want to make a difference. Matusak, L. (1997). Finding Your Voice. Murray. (n.d.). Theories of leadership. Retrieved May 24, 2010. Rothwell, J. (2003). In the Company of Others: An Introduction to Communication.

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