Leadership and Denial in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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According to Peter Drucker, he claims, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” Leadership is a commitment that is meant to be kept and done accurately. Leading a group or a society can lead to dreadful obstacles, but it’s your responsibility to have a solution to end. Ralph and Jack as a leader cause a majority of downhill for the boys. Affecting themselves and their surroundings to abruptly fall into pieces. Which lead to a mass destruction of the island, Lord of the Flies. The devastating events on this island lead to the massive chaos of Lord of the Flies, blaming Ralph and Jack for denial, lack of cooperation and inefficient leadership.
For instance, the denial from Ralph and Jack leads the boys to make decisions that caused havoc to their society on this island. As they; Ralph, Jack and the boys engrossed the island, they simultaneously lost hope. Such as, Simon says to Ralph, “You’ll get back to where you came from” (111). Ralph tries telling the boys they are going to get rescued. But as days pass and how long they have been on the island, he is undetermined. Jack, on the other hand, does not believe that being rescued will ever occur. He tells the boys it is hopeless of them to think they can get out of the island. Furthermore, not only did they deny being rescued, but Ralph and Jack do not acknowledge the deaths of Simon and Piggy. For example, as stated in the book. “The breaking of the conch and the deaths of Piggy and Simon lay over the island like a vapor” (184). However, Ralph does acknowledge a bit of Simon’s and Piggy’s death, but afterwards he forgot due to Jack and his tribe willing to go after him. As to Jack, he was neglectful about th...

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...ccurring, Piggy stated, “Which is better—to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill” (180)? This call of assembly is inefficient, because Ralph and Jack could be a leader for a different purpose. However, this shows that both Ralph and Jack are not doing what they were positioned to be, if one asked who is a better leader.
Eventually, due to Ralph’s and Jack’s abilities of being a leader, it has conducted a failure on society. According to Drucker, leadership should not be imprudent, but taken solemnly. Being a leader is tough; you face many challenges as you go through your way to success. With that being said, leadership depends on integrity and can result as a success and failure. Lastly, facing society with major conflicts can trigger your anger and stress, but if you do not listen to the voices of your group or be as unite, that concludes the end of society.
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