Largest Mobile Communication Service, Vodafone

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Introduction Vodafone one of the world's largest mobile communication service providers, business is expanded to 30 countries and in collaboration with local companies in over 40 more. Over the world, Vodafone have almost 360 million customers in other countries and around 19 million in the United Kingdom. Vodafone have over 8000 employees, Vodafone made its first call on 1 January 1985. (Vodafone, 2014) Vodafone provides communication services, including calls, SMS text messaging, video messaging, MMS picture, internet access and other data services. Vodafone organisation operates in a competitive and complex environment where demands are consistently changing Vodafone Company Vision Vodafone Company Mission/ values Considering how far things have change in over 20 years. Future prediction is not as easy in our business. As nice as a crystal ball would be, we are happy with everyone sharing our ambition. That way we're far more likely to achieve it. We see our future in outstanding data services and products, backed up by the best customer experience in the business. And our targets are big – which means millions of customers using our data services every day. We’re obsessed with giving exceptional customer service. We’re hands-on, positive and always looking for fresh ways to deliver. The essence of who we are underpins our values. And by listening to our people, we've found that three things sum up what we're all about: • Speed – we’re focused on bringing innovative new products and services onto the market quickly • Simplicity – we make things easy for our customers, partners and colleagues • Trust – we’re reliable and transparent to deal with Source: (Vodafone, Our visi... ... middle of paper ... ...according to their desires. In order to understand the variation in workers' job satisfactions, it is necessary to consider not only the values that individuals have toward work but the types of rewards that are available as well. Conclusion This study analysed the influence of employee rewards system, performance management and job satisfaction in Vodafone’s employees. It shows that in order for Vodafone to do better work and retaining their employees. They must motive employees by giving the rewards on their contribution in achieving company’s goals. Performance get affected if the rewards are no given on the extra effort of employee and they might leave their job due to less satisfaction, new employees are costly for company because of their training, hiring and the coaching so organisation must keep their valuable employees happy and satisfied from their jobs

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