Lady Gaga's Views

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In “The Pop Singer as Ultimate Predator”, Emily Esfahani Smith mentions Lady Gaga as a “feminist”. She describes Gaga’s success in the media is progressive for women equally movements. However, Smith challenges Gaga by declaring signs of male dominance in her music videos, such as, sadomasochism. Sadomasochism means obtaining sexual pleasure from pain. Additionally, Smith articulates that Gaga’s feminist message does more for men then women because men are often shown masculine and in control. Smith refers to “Bad Romance” as an example of inhuman acts like human trafficking. Smith proclaims that Gaga defies traditional women, but in her music videos, she is shown as a sex object. Smith disagrees with Lady Gaga’s views on feminist; nevertheless, Gaga is a feminist--- a modern feminist. Although Lady Gaga uses sex to sell her records, she shows that she can lure men in with her aurora. Most of the time women define themselves through men’s eyes. Gaga is simply using this method to seek revenge from men who are degrading women. For instance, in “Bad Romance” Gaga uses her body to attract Russian men. She uses MP40s attached to her bra to murder a mobster. Here she questions feminine roles with artillery. Society normally associates machine guns and other weaponry as “male toys”. Not only does she use her female assets to seduce a man, she uses his “toys” to destroy him. This shows that she may love a man for his penis, but women are overcoming social barriers. Additionally, she uses her sexually to hold authority over repulsive men. Gaga is not afraid to show her dominate side. Male dancers are seen as sex slaves and puppets and praise her body. Traditional women are normally shown as puppets and sex slaves for the m... ... middle of paper ... ...because she seeks revenge and murders a mobster with masculine “toys”. Nevertheless, she uses her fame to help people realize abusive relationships; she help these people by also saying there is going to be a new beginning because she was in the same situation. She attacks sexist by using her song “Pokerface”, to tell women that they are allowed to do whatever men do without shame. Additional, females are better at male jobs then men are. I consider Gaga to be a feminist because in her videos, she allows male attributes played by females. Smith might not believe Gaga is a feminist, but I do because Gaga is a self-made women fighting for equally in both genders. Everyone has his or her own definitions for certain words, one way of defining feminist to me is a man or woman, who fights for equal opportunity indirectly through print, televised, or any type of media.
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