Lack of Protection in Sports

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In sports today, big hits and fighting seems to be a source of worship for most spectators. From events like boxing to football, most people only focus on the protective side of the issue when it comes to injuries, but fail to look at the big picture. Therefore, the lack of protection in sports is not the cause of injuries in athletes; instead useless protective gear and the athlete’s behavior are the causes of injuries to a player.
Protective gear provides no safeguard against injuries. Many organizations preach “protection for athletes,” but they orate fiction. In reality, “Helmets, mouth guards do nothing to prevent concussions, report says” (Livingstone S2). Players rely too much on equipment, when in fact, protective gear is useless. Sports have protection, yet injuries still occur. Sports such as football contain protection ranging from mouth guards to knee-pads, however there are multiple injuries sustained. This example shows that protective equipment is insufficient to athletes.
This protective gear is of no use to athletes. Most of their important gear, such as helmets and pads, are not beneficial to a players overall well-being. This protection provided is supposed to provide a safeguard against injuries, but instead serves as useless piece of an athlete’s attire. This gear players wear today should be thrown away and sent to the dumps. Players have the same amount of protection when playing bare of equipment, exemplifying the worthlessness of protective gear. Protective gear only has one use, and that is for helping keep garbage dumps in business. This gear has no helpful attributes, and deserves no place whatsoever in the sporting world.
Not only is inadequate protective gear to blame, the behavior of athletes is ano...

... middle of paper ... is the behavior of players as well as insufficient equipment that are culpable. Future generations’ careers are being ruined by injuries due to these reasons. To protect future generations, society needs to focus on the real issues that help protect and create a better future for athletes across the world.

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