Labyrinth: Bringing Past and Present Together

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Two lives, so different, yet intertwined within each other. Past and present come together and mix. Something thought to have been holy and within Christian beliefs, turns out to have a completely different origin in this piece of literature. The novel, Labyrinth, written by Kate Moss, brings two stories, both past and present together, and makes it seem easy. Love and loyalty are tested, and the characters fates are carried on through the ages.

Taking place in both the 1200’s and the 2000’s, the novel carries out two different stories that eventually cross paths with each other. A young girl, fifteen years of age, Alaïs learns the secret of the Holy Grail from her father. A little over 800 years later, a young woman, Alice Tanner, unknowingly breaks open the path to her destiny. A cave is discovered to be housing two skeletons, some strange writing, and a ring with the imprint of a labyrinth on it. What she has discovered is the product of her past self’s sacrifice.

The consequences of opening the cave, lead Alice on a series of journeys to satisfy both her curiosity and her past self’s unfinished business. The past intertwines with the present, bringing both past allies and enemies to Alice. She finds an old friend in Audric, who she later discovers is really Sajhë. She is reunited with her past self’s husband, Guilhem, now in the form of Will. Alice has an unspeakable connection with the young man, and doesn’t understand why until later on in the novel.

Alaïs takes the book from her father, and attempts to hide it as he has asked, needing to keep it safe from her sister, Oriane. She flees from the city of Carcasonne with her young friend Sajhë to keep the book and the ring safe. Many years pass before Oriane finall...

... middle of paper ... and loyalty is proven to beat the greedy hands of betrayal, and it lives on, completing the destiny that was started 800 years ago. How is it possible that the lives of the people from the 1200’s were carried on through into the future? How is it that the legend lasted so long. Power? No, it lasted because of love and destiny, and the courage to do what is needed.

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