Themes In Pan's Labyrinth

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Pan 's Labyrinth is a film with the thrilling mythical story-line in the development of a civil war. A young girl by the name of, Ofelia, is sent out with her pregnant mother to live with her captain/army based stepfather. As she arrives, she is a greeted with a fairy that peaks her interest because of her fascination with fairy-tales. She is directed to a labyrinth and welcomed by a faun explaining her relation to a mystical king. In order to be reunited with her true father, she needs to complete three difficult tasks. With her failing to complete her last task, she earns her spot in her world with her mother and father. Themes that are present with Pan 's Labyrinth are coming of age and female development. The definition of labyrinth is…show more content…
Anyone that eats or drinks in the underworld will be forced to stay there forever. Persephone eats the seeds knowing the rules and is subjected return to Hades and the underworld every year. With eating of the seeds, it is told that Persephone’s experienced her first encounter with sexuality and loss of maidenhood. The myth goes on to say, that every year when Persephone returns to Hades, Demeter makes the world dry and barren. Persephone temptation in the underworld, is similar to Ofelia temptation in Pan 's Labyrinth. In Pan’s Labyrinth, Ofelia needs to accomplish three tasks by a certain time so that she return to her mystical world, in which she is told by a helpful faun that is the director of her journey to womanhood. She must accomplish the tasks in order to prove that she is Princess Moana. In the second task, she is required to encounter a white monster that kills children. The faun warns her that while she is completing her second task, she is not to eat any food. In performing her task, Ofelia encounters a table that is lavishly laid out with food and drink. At the head of the table sits the white monster still and

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