Labor Abuse in China

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Labor Abuse in China

“Inside the factory, amid clattering machinery and clouds of sawdust, men without earplugs or protective goggles feed wood into screaming electric saws, making cabinets for stereo speakers” (Goodman and Pan 1). In the article Chinese Workers Pay for Wal-Mart’s Low Prices by Peter Goodman and Philip Pan the mistreatment of the migrant workers in China is evident. These kinds of behaviors are taking place all over in China. The abuse of the Chinese work force has reached terrible proportions and created unlawful conditions because of the demanding economy of China, and other countries’ needs of the goods; however, the companies that are centered in China are working to make sure their workers are treated fairly.

The abuse on Chinese workers has reached outstanding proportions and has caused an awful working condition for the majority of workers in China. Many migrant workers face an increasing amount of problems at work. On an average day at work they might experience a poorly lit and a cramped work place (Goldman 2). The factories that they work in have little room to perform up to par on a daily basis. A large amount of these factories are also poorly ventilated when there are harmful chemicals being used (Goldman 1). Often lacking proper safety equipment like goggles or ear-buds, the workers feel at risk to being seriously injured. Also, they could be exposed to chemicals or substances without proper masks. In the future these workers will find themselves having serious health conditions because of this (Little 1). Constantly working in these conditions is not ideal. Working like this on a daily basis has caused exhaustion and even death in the workplace (Goldman 3). Clearly people working ...

... middle of paper ... problems, and they are trying to do what is best for the workers.

There are a lot of migrant workers in China in bad conditions where the factories are poorly lit, and very cramped. A lot of these heinous conditions are caused from the little enforcement of labor laws by the government. Although there are many companies that are starting to take the turn for the better by monitoring the work area. There are also other groups of people trying to abolish these actions. If you want to participate in the destruction of these actions toward workers then you should join an activist group that is working to do this. Many people out there are joining groups and they are making conditions better. With the constant action by the workers and the activists, the government will finally realize that these conditions aren’t right and they need to change for good.
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