La Bandera (The Flag)

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“La Bandera” (The Flag) is a typical plate that came from the Dominican Republic .This dish has pass from generation to generation even children at age14 start cooking the traditional dish. “La Bandera” (The Flag) dish contains white rice, stewed red bean, and stewed chicken if you don’t like red bean or don’t have it at home don’t worry you could replace it with black or white bean. You are probably asking yourself what is so special about this plate? The special thing about this delightful dish is the “sazon”seasoning. If you had ate “La Bandera” you know what I am talking about, but if you haven’t consumed “La Bandera” is a dish that you could eat at lunch and dinner it also contain flavor, protein and fiber. Most of the Dominican eat this dish every week. If you go to a Dominican home you always see a bag of rice, a lot of bean and a portion of meat in the freezer that is ready season in a Ziploc bag. The dish that I make is the classic version because that is the way that my grandmothers and mother teach me and it tastes much better. Everyone always ask me what is the secret when they taste my food ,but it no secret it just the traditional classic version you just need to know all of your ingredient and when you are preparing the dish you always need to be tasting you don’t want your food to be salted. When I serve “La Bandera” to my family I always put in the side salad, avocado, a plate with Tostones (plantain) Tostones are fried, mashed, then re-fried and served, and the thing that never can be miss in a Dominican table is the Con-Con in other word is the burned rice that is left on the bottom of the rice pan when it is cook it get hold of most of the flavor... ... middle of paper ... ...until a sauce is formed. At that moment serve with white rice along with the sauce of the chicken and the red bean and enjoy ( If you one day want to taste “La Bandera” I would highly recommend you to go to Liberato Restaurant in the Bronx their chicken it so tasty that you will not regret it. Even the cop and firefighter would stop and eat “La Bandera” it little expensive but it worth the penny. There is also a lot of Dominican Restaurant in Washington Height that do “La Bandera” like the Mofongo House their chicken also tastes so good and their rice and bean. I am so glad of bringing a part of the Dominican culture dish to the United States. Where different type of culture around the world would get a chance to taste “La Bandera”. A dish that represent all of the Dominican in the world.

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