Knee Trauma Case Study

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The anatomy of the knee contains the femur, tibia and the patella. There are four main ligaments within the knee. Those ligaments are called medial collateral (mcl), lateral collateral (lcl), anterior cruciate (acl) and posterior cruciate (pcl). The anterior cruciate ligament (acl) is in the middle of the knee and prevents the shin from sliding. An anterior cruciate ligament tear is the most common harmed ligament, undergoing an estimate of 200,000 happenings yearly. Typically individuals who play sports such as football, basketball, skiing or soccer experience this injury. Studies show that female athletes have a higher jeopardy of this trauma than males. Young children with acl injury who undergoes reconstruction creates a risk of damages …show more content…

The higher the infirmity, the lower the percentage. Global rating of Knee Function scales deliver a technique of attaining statistics in a more quick, flexible, and efficient way. Although, with any conclusion quota important readings of outcomes can only be accepted with the thought of the clinometric assets, powers, and flaws of the tool. Single leg hop tests is a technique that your doctor may practice to define your aptitude to return to exercises, sports and events after knee surgery. It is generally practiced throughout the return to function stage in an anterior cruciate ligament restoration procedure. This is used to evaluate the useful firmness of your knee (Shen. W, …show more content…

It is recorded that over 85 percent of people will have a meniscus damage after the first injury. When undergoing surgery there are a bounty of grafts that can be used. The patella tendon auto graft consist of the middle third patella along with a bone form the shin and the kneecap. Surgeons usually call this the “gold standard” and is highly suggested for patients with jobs or sports that involve a great deal of kneeling. However, these types of repair have a large amount of issues concerning pain in the back of the knee cap. Other problems such as pain with kneeling, stiffness may take place. The hamstring tendon autograft consist of the tendon on the inside of the knee. An additional tendon that may be used is called the gracilis. This creates a double or four strand tendon graft. The problems following this surgery are few including less stiffness, smaller slits and faster improvement? The quadriceps tendon autograft is used in patients whose anterior cruciate ligament has already gone wrong. The parts used in this surgery are the middle third of the person’s quadriceps and bone from the superior part of the knee. The quadriceps tendon autograft has an increased hazard of front knee pain after procedure. Along with this, there is a lower jeopardy of the patella being

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