Kitchen Brigade Case Study

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Title: The easier life in the kitchen and in the hospitality industry.
The kitchen brigade is an organizational pyramid for specialized kitchens organized by the famous French chef, Georges-Auguste Escoffier. (, 2017). The creation of the brigade system is credited to Georges Auguste Escoffier. After serving in the French army, he brought his military hierarchy experience to a hotel kitchen in the 1800s. The goal of the system was to update the kitchen duties and facilitate in the prevention of disorder. (The Kitchen brigade, n.d.) The kitchen brigade signifies efficient work inside a kitchen, no overlap on every job, work clean as you go and every post has division and clear focus job. (Auguste Escoffier, 2017.Online) …show more content…

The classical brigade includes a chef who was directly in charge of production. Production in the kitchen was divided into stations which were overseen by the following chef de partie. Modern kitchens are attractive and stylish and are really suited to those that want their kitchen to be a real work of art. Efficient and fashionable, the modern style makes use of sharp, straight lines and block shapes, as opposed to the curves and organic shapes that are common within the traditional kitchen. (Modern vs. Traditional Kitchen, …show more content…

Distinguishing between chef positions and wearing the uniform is still important because it helps to identify the level of power or authority and Identify task division, uniform bring everyone to the same platform and look professional (Brown, 2015. Online)
The king of Chef Auguste Escoffier carried a structure to the kitchen, with different self-determining roles and responsibilities for line cooks. Keep work clean as you go and every post has division and clear focus job. Many of these roles have been combined or even removed over time. This rearrangement was the primary change among the classical kitchen Hierarchy and the kitchen Hierarchy of today. Helps to know the knowledge, shows the positioning of staff, keeps distance between the position and is developed for the smooth operation in past and is also functioning same even

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