Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Have you ever had the desire to fit in? Well this man did. From the streets of New York to the hills of L.A. came Harry Lockhart. A man with the desire to fit in with people that do not want him, a man pretending to be something he's not, and a man that strives to get "the girl that got away". All because he is new to L.A.. "This is one of Downey's most enjoyable performances, and one of Kilmer's funniest. It's a relationship comedy wrapped in sharp talk and gunplay, a triumphant comeback for Black, and one of the year's best movies."( E. Russell) a movie that has incorporated all of these things plus more into it. It is a movie packed with dark humour, witty comments, action and even romance.

Harry Lockhart has a great desire to fit in with people that want absolutely nothing to do with him. In one scene in the movie, Harry walks up to a group of people standing at a party and proceeds to light a cigarette, the group walks away with the look of disgust on their faces. Through the entire movie he attempts to make a lot of sarcastic comments, to make people think he is a suave, witty guy. Harry is a kind of loser that could be well liked if he did not try as hard for people's friendship and respect. Harry got into a fight with "Gay" Perry

Vanshrike, the private detective, on the roof top of his hotel. Perry told Harry that he was not Harry's friend, and the entire time, Harry thought the two of them were friends. Harry is viewed as kind of a loser in L.A. and no matter how hard he tried to be "cool" or fit in, no one wanted to accept him into their group of peers. Although at the end he does end up becoming friends with Perry and even his partner detective and starts to fit in with the whole L.A. party scene.

Harry in the movie also tries to fit in by pretending to be many things that he is not. At the very beginning of the movie he is running away from the police and he accidentally runs into an audition for acting and nailed it, so they hired him as an aspiring actor, which again was a lie. Just before he meets Harmony Faith Lane, his high school crush, at the bar, he runs into a pretty women that asked him what he did for a living and he answered with the response; "I'm a detective.

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