King The King: The Downfall Of Oedipus The King

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From the beginning, it is not a secret that Oedipus has lived an incredibly tragic life. He has suffered greatly as a baby, but he was brought up in a rather lavish lifestyle provided by King Polybus of Corinth, his (unknown to him) foster father. His life has been the ideal of many but this fortune of him did not last long. The conclusion of fleeing Corinth upon hearing the prophecy, killing civilians during his journey and whom to marry is all his alone. The oracle in Delphi prophesized his downfall, but his entire life is still based on his own decisions and faults. There is no one else to blame in his misfortunes but his judgements and narcissistic demeanor. Oedipus is paranoid of the prophecy but he lacks the wisdom to make decisions…show more content…
It might also be the decision that opened the door of his downfall. Oedipus was disturbed when he heard that he was of no relation to Polybus and Merope. He went to Pytho in hopes of seeking the answer but received “wretched horrors he (the oracle) flashed through in speech,” (798) that haunted him from then onwards. He wanted to go to a place where he “would never see the disgrace in the oracle’s words come true,” (804-05) but that “place” that he seeks could still have been Corinth. Upon knowing the disastrous prophecy, he could have used the knowledge in his favour by minding that his actions should not lead into the direction of the prophecy. It was also a rash decision to leave Corinth when he just heard that he is not of blood-relation to the king and queen without apparent answers. If he only stayed, he might have not met Laius in such circumstance, nor have married Jocasta. He might not even know about the curse of the Sphinx or be the supposed “tyrant” of Thebes. Unfortunately, he left Corinth and set himself for Thebes where he was looking for a new life when he is actually digging his own…show more content…
It is his own fault that his life spiralled down a nasty path. The oracle might have predicted his downfall, but he was never born with the misfortune he claimed that is bestowed upon him by the gods. The choices that he made are the ones that make his path in life and no one else but him will push him to go through with it. Leaving Corinth was a decision he made on his own to escape. Killing off the men that cut him off the road is his conclusion to put out his anger. His marriage to Jocasta was in his own accord because it is not a necessity to rule a kingdom. He cannot blame the distraction of his life to anyone but him. Even after knowing his potential disastrous future, he still continued to live a hostile and selfish lifestyle and making rash decisions. Oedipus runs so fast from the danger he wants to avoid that he forgets to look forward, and without knowing, he became the one who is actually chasing
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