King David

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As we examine the heroes of the faith outlined for us in the Old Testament, we would be hard pressed to find a more faithful man that King David. After the death of King Saul, David became the King of the Hebrew people. David, who was meek and pious, steadfastly believed in the true God and tried to do His will. He had endured much persecution from Saul and other enemies but did not become bitter, did not lift his hand against Saul, as he was the Lord’s anointed, but placed all his hope in God, and the Lord delivered him from all his enemies.

So could it be possible that such a great man of God could be guilty of such terrible sins as adultery and murder? We need only read the book of 2 Solomon chapters 11-13 to see that it is not only possible, but indeed fact. King David was responsible for many sins that would be detestable in the eyes of God. His story shows us that no matter how great a person is in the eyes of both man, and God, no one is without sin.

Despite this flawless reign on a national level, David had many problems in his personal life. One day while the men were at war, David spied a beautiful woman, Bathsheba, from a rooftop. He discovered that she was married to Uriah the Hittite, but this did not stop him from sending for her and getting her pregnant. When he saw her, David sent his servant to go and retrieve her to him, and David proceeded to convince h...

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...y on the ground. On the seventh day his child died.

David’s sin was great, but his repentance was sincere and deep, and God forgave him. He finally realized that the actions of his recent past had been very much less than that of a Godly king. God loved David and through his transgressions, David learned to love God even more. So yes, David was guilty of sinning against God. I believe the moral of this story is that we are all guilty of this crime and if we realize how our transgressions are affecting our relationship with God, and repent and turn away from them, God will bless us as he blessed David, and we will praise the name of God as David did.
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