Kfc And Burberry Case Study

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KFC and Burberry
It is often said that the business will have developed marketing strategy continuous, whether are small business medium and large because of the growing marketing and competitive business increased rapidly. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the business has failed and successful. Nowadays, the business has successful around the worlds which are KFC and Burberry. That is interesting marketing strategy because of the challenged of the marketing with a long time, experiencing the issue failed and band revitalization of marketing strategy. In this report to divide into three main section, KFC, Burberry and comparison between KFC and Burberry. KFC is chicken restaurant chain which is fast food. That is the most popular and has many chains around the world. Now KFC is business successful but it was failed that is interesting how KFC become successful after failed. The cause KFC failed marketing result from goes forward in the wrong direction. By 2005, KFC fall into a difficult situation, sales slump, the reduce consumers this result from poor performance both the challenges category and challenges brand itself. The category challenges, health agenda had trendy in that time people focus on healthy food so KFC is fast food it not popular in consumer. The challenges brand itself that is problem …show more content…

KFC is brand revitalization. By the same token, Burberry is brand revitalization. KFC use mass-media to promote their product. In similar fashion, Burberry use mass-media to promote their product. KFC is popularity worldwide. In the same way, Burberry is popularity worldwide. KFC is chicken restaurant chain which is fast food. A clear difference, Burberry is luxury brand fashion from England. The targets audiences of KFC are families and youths. In another way, the targets audience of Burberry is men-women between the ages of 20-45 years from middle income to lower income

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