Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe, and Robert Sarvis

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The three candidates for Virginia governor have voiced their opinions on many important issues such as, abortion, gun control, and education reform. Ken Cuccinelli is the Republican party’s candidate. Terry McAuliffe is the Democrat’s candidate. Robert Sarvis is running as a Libertarian candidate. All three of them have different opinions about abortion, they all support the Second Amendment, and have different plans about education reform. Terry McAuliffe is for abortion. He stated that he trusts women to make their own decisions about their own personal health. McAuliffe does not support ultra-sound regulation, and he does not approve shutting down women’s health centers. Divisive efforts by politicians to interfere in the decisions made by women and their doctors is bad for Virginia families and businesses. He said that he doesn’t want to send a signal that Virginia is moving back on important issues such as women’s health. Terry McAuliffe is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He thinks background checks will reduce gun crimes because people with a history of violent crimes and mental health issues would not be able to purchase a gun. McAuliffe also agrees that the Brady bill was the right thing to do. He wants to prevent unauthorized firearm use with smart-gun technology. Terry McAuliffe also wants to limit the size of magazines and return to the one gun per-month rule. Terry McAuliffe said we are not doing enough to support our schools. He said that we need to form partnerships with businesses and community colleges, put emphasis on stem and computer science, and increase the flexibility of our school districts to help bring Virginia schools into the twenty-first century. Terry McAuliffe wants to keep college costs low by helping students through financial aid and the proper support of Virginia community colleges and four-year colleges to keep a college education in the reach of all Virginians. He also wants to reform Virginia’s standards of learning tests because he thinks they are outdated and do not work. McAuliffe wants to pay teachers a fair amount of money to attract better teachers to Virginia. Robert Sarvis stated that abortion has lead to the election of extreme candidates which he says are not good for this country. He finds trying to settle abortion through the coercive power of the state is counterproductive, it has also ruined our political discourse, and it has radicalized our political parties.
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