Keeping Control in Ireland

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Keeping Control in Ireland

There are two communities in Northern Ireland, Catholic and

Protestant. Back in the 1500's all of the Irish people were Catholic

but towards the late 1500's English Protestant rulers decided to take

over Ireland. In order to keep control they put people in Ireland.

This is called plantation. The people who were 'planted' were

Protestants. This caused problems because the majority of Ireland was

Catholics. Catholics began to rebel against English Protestants, they

were called Nationalists. They were people who wanted Ireland to be as

one country. The U.K responded by 'planting' more Protestants over in

Northern Ireland. Most of the Protestants wanted to stay apart of the

U.K, they were called Unionists. There were also Loyalists who wanted

to stay apart of the U.K but used violence to do so. Republicans used

violence to stay apart of the Republic of Ireland.

The potato famine increased hatred between Catholics and Protestants.

The Protestants demanded rent off the Catholics; the peasant farmers

used corn to pay it and ate potatoes. When the potatoes became

famined, they had a choice- they could starve to death and pay their

rent or get chucked out and loose everything!

Home Rule is when a country wants to rule itself; Ireland did not have

this as they were ruled by the English. They were fed up because they

wanted their own government and when William Gladstone became Prime

Minister of England he made sure of it. Gladstone wanted to give the

whole of Ireland a Government and Parliament set up in Dublin; this

meant they would control all Irish MP's in Westminster. This caused a

big impact on Northern Ireland because most of the population were

Protestant which meant that a lot of the Government would be Catholic.

The Protestants felt like they were being ruled by Catholics and

didn't like it. However, the first Home Rule Bill was defeated in 1886
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