Karl Benz: The Invention Of Karl Benz

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Introduction of the invention The name of the inventor I choose is Karl Benz. He was born on november 25, 1884 in germany. He was one of the most known guys in the engineering world. The invention that Karl Benz created was a car . He is known for building the first practical motor car and the first automobile company in the marketing world. He died april 4, 1929 near mannheim, germany.

Karl Benz was born in germany on november 25, 1884 and he died in april 4, 1929. Although he was raised with a single mom after his died when he was two years of age, his mom found a way to pay for his education of engineering in the university of karlsruhe. At the age of …show more content…

His great invention made possible to transport anywhere in less time than walking or riding a bike depending where you go. It gave freedom to travel when you want to and where you want to. This invention may be one of the biggest impact for the world and it will stay like that for decades. The automobile has radically changed city life by accelerating the outward expansion of population into the suburbs. Automobile manufacturing companies were hiring workers to put together the cars. This created numerous jobs in the U.S. Restaurants and drive thrus were then created in since cars were becoming more popular and could take you anywhere. Through a succession of companies launched during the early 1900s, Benz remained the leading automobile producer in Europe for decades.Karl Benz died in April 1929, and his wife Bertha followed in 1944. Their respective contributions to the history of the automobile mirror the vital relationship between innovation and marketing that continues to drive the industry today.The world would be worst if karl benz hadn’t live.With his invention many people came up with more good inventions since his made possible many things. No one would be able to go far, probably only a few miles. everyone would just depend on their family and stay bored at home. the car gave people freedom and brought entertainment. Another reason the world would be worst because we would only know one place and it would be the city that we are from because we wouldn't be able to experience anything that is too

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