Kant 's Views On Self Love And Love Of Humanity

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Kant explains friendship as a means of reconciling two conflicting "motives to action in man": self-love and love of humanity. Kant explains that they conflict, because in order to gain you lose and vice versa. “When you act out of self-love, you lose moral merit; when you act out of love of humanity, you are neglecting your own happiness” stated by Kant. Nevertheless, when deciding whether to choose self-love or friendship both are a bad choice according to Kant. “Here friendship comes in; but how are we to proceed?” quoted by Kant. Kant identifies three types of friendship which are based on different principles of action; such as needs, tastes, and dispositions. “The friendship of need comes about when men can trust one another in the mutual provision for the needs of life. It was the original form of friendship amongst men, and is encountered mostly in the crudest social conditions. When savages go hunting, each of them has at heart and endeavors to promote the same interests as his colleagues; they are friends” stated by Kant. This type of friendship is the basic need of social interaction outside of your family. Someone who generally cares about you and has no family ties upholding the same interests. It is as if fate brings you together and life experience and location brings you closer. This is the best way to gain friendships in my opinion. “The simpler the needs of a group of men the more frequent is this kind of friendship amongst them; and in proportion as their needs increase the frequency of such friendship diminishes” quoted by Kant. These are the type of friendships that should last a lifetime because you are simply there for the friendship and nothing more. Kant stated “The delight of friendship does not consi... ... middle of paper ... ...a of friendship, in which self-love is superseded by a generous reci- procity of love”. Self-love is important but in order to have a friendship you must love yourself but not love your friendships more. Some people lack friendship because they “themselves have no friendly disposition and no friendly heart. They accuse others of being unfriendly, but it is they themselves who, by demands and importunities, turn their friends from them” stated by Kant No Kant doesn’t believe that every person is a potential friend. In my opinion neither do I. Everybody isn’t your friend and everyone isn’t going to like you. You can have a good heart and be friendly to everyone but there is a difference. Kant states “And yet there are men of the world whose capacity to form friendships with anyone might well earn them the title of everybody 's friends. Such citizens are very rare”.
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