Juvenile Death Penalty Imposed

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Unfortunately, juveniles know that the law imposed upon them is not strict enough to deter them from committing heinous and brutal crimes. Baruwa explains in Roper, " Christopher Simmons (17 y.o.) planned to commit a burglary and murder by breaking and entering, tying up the victim, and throwing the victim off a bridge. Further, Simmons told the juveniles that because of their age they could “get away with it” [ 3 ]. Moreover, Baruwa staes, "Justice Kennedy states that the death penalty can be imposed on juveniles if the right and true guilt is found even though it is forbidden under constitutional law" [ 3 ].Our society and its people deserve to live in a peaceful and law complying environment. Unfortunately, the demeanor of people is not the same. Regrettably, some juvenile offenders have taken control of the streets and have shattered a peaceful dwelling because they assault, batter, rape and murder innocent people. The death penalty should be imposed on these juvenile murderers because they do not deserve to live in a society where they do not belong. Don Boys for Common ...

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