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Did Justinian impact life as we know it because he is such a great ruler, or is he just a follower who keeps trying to hold on to the loose threads of a fallen empire? Some might say that without Justinian, humanity is a step further back. Others may argue evermore that Justinian is a two-faced liar who you cannot trust (Doc. 2). Contrary to many beliefs, Justinian creates a new Byzantine Empire after the fall of Rome that is influential to many different cultures, more advanced and educated than Rome, and more economically thriving than the Roman Empire. The Byzantine Empire plays a major role in many different societies to this day. Some of the things that impact other civilizations from the Byzantine include their religion and laws. According to Mr. Gray, Russia went so far as to adopt Orthodox Christianity, which makes them view themselves as the continuation of Byzantine culturally. Also, Justinian’s code helps shape the …show more content…

Justinian is a great-builder who creates countless cities; him being a great builder makes that a trait he gives to his people (Doc.5 and Doc. 1). According to Mr. Gray, building their domain on top of an earthquake was a major part of their civilization which shows how they are more advanced than Rome because they are good engineers. The Byzantine also have very strategic ways of how they set up their building projects, they make sure they are near the sea because it makes it easy for them to make money and improve their economy while protecting their trade and blocking incoming trade if need be (Doc.6). Also, according to Mr. Gray, women have way more rights, for example, they have the right to an equal education, they can divorce their husbands, own property, and even be emperors or empresses. Lastly, without the Byzantine's forward way of thinking we would not have earthquake-proof buildings and it would take women a longer time to gain the rights they

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