Justice often masks an occurrence of injustice in many forms and in

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Justice often masks an occurrence of injustice in many forms and in the crucible by Arthur Miller, the leaders of Salem, believe that the way that they are dealing with people of strange happenings is right and just but is actually wrong and unjust. Justice can be defined as the right and moral decision and general beliefs. Injustice can be defined as unfairness and a lack of justice. Someone who is done by an injustice may have been judged to harshly. In "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, the target audience is young adults to the older generation. This play is based on real events which occurred in 1692. The Crucible is saying that in Salemat this time there is very little justice, this is shown when Hale says "Goody Proctor, I have gone this three month like our lord into the wilderness. I have sought a Christian way, for damnations doubled on a minister who counsels men to lie." In this Hale is saying that he no longer follows the beliefs of Salem and he now follows the beliefs of Christianity. Justice is conveyed in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" by having a character like Hale, who comes into Salem as a man who strongly believes that accusing and hanging people because of witchcraft is right and just, but he later realizes that what he believes is wrong and unjust. He then decides to change his ways. Also at the end of Act 1, there are many quick accusations being made which leaves the reader in suspense and a long wanting to know what will happen to all these people who were accused. The leaders of Salem believe that what they are doing is right and just, but in reality it is an injustice. This is how justice can often mask injustice. Justice often being masked by an injustice can also be seen in the text "Justice without a Conscience." This text is showing a statue of Lady Justice, who usually represents, Anti-discrimination, fairness and justice, is now representing discrimination, unfairness and injustice by the statue not wearing a blindfold which allows her to be discriminative against people, her scales are unbalanced which would make things unfair. Also the blindfold is pulled over her mouth stopping her from speaking which represents that justice is not always heard. There is a man passed out at the base of the statue. This is using a high angle shot to show that the man is very insignificant and lady justice is large and very important. Another text which shows justice being masked by an injustice is a cartoon where an upper class man has just shot a woman, killing her.

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