Justice, Procedural, And Social Justice

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There are three types of Justice discussed in Book 1 of Plato’s Republic which are Retributive, Procedural, and Social Justice. Retributive justice is the type of justice that requires someone to pay back their debts if they took something. According to Cephalus, justice requires ‘repayment’ from those who have taken something. For example, The death penalty can be considered retributive justice because someone may have took a life and now their life will be taken from them in return. Procedural justice is doing good for someone that you are close with but doing harm to someone you do not get along with. Polemarchus believes that justice is doing good to good people and doing bad to bad people. For example, Giving your friend a ride to work. However, when you see someone who you are not very fond of waiting for the bus you drive right past them. The third justice mentioned in the text is Social justice which is similar to procedural justice. Social justice requires not only making people better than the already are but also making them more just then they were before. Socrates believes that justice requires making all people more good, and more just. The difference between Retributive justice and the other types of justice is that it applies to a situation where someone has took something and did not give it back. Another example would be taking a chair and not returning it as promised.The difference between procedural justice and the other forms of justice is that is deals with only doing good for your friends and doing bad things to those who are not your friends. The difference between Social justice and the other types of justice is taking a person and making them better than they were before and more just. Everyone ha... ... middle of paper ... ...However, all the purpose or function of a soul is living. Not only is ruling and deliberation functions of the soul but also deals with justice which is also a virtue of the soul. A good ruler and deliberator are elements of a just soul and those functions are to be virtuous then just soul is a virtuous soul. He also mentions that if the first function of the soul is to live then a virtuous soul must be a soul that is living well. He believes that people would be happier in his city. He also believed that his city would be with helping citizens flourish. Socrates indicates that a just soul is wise and it knows how to act. No only does a just soul know how to act but is able to act well. There is a difference between knowing how to do something and doing it well. He also believes that for the soul to function properly and for it to flourish a person must be happy.

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