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Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party’ is controversial because of the image painted on the plates. Although the imagery resembles flowers and butterflies, it also symbolises female genitalia, which some people find disturbing, inappropriate, or pulled away from the main point of the artwork - which is to celebrate the work of women through three aspects - monumental work of art, a book and film. 39 plates were placed on the table with butterflies, flowers and other elements that were seen to be symbolising women’s genitals, 999 women’s names were carved onto what Chicago called the ‘heritage floor’ - a white tiled floor, showing the support of those 39 famous women. The Dinner Party had been labelled “vulgar,” by conservative critics like Hilton …show more content…

Sojourner Truth is an American abolitionist and activist for African-American civil rights and women’s rights. She was born into slavery but escaped with her daughter to freedom in 1826. After her daughter and she gained freedom, she preached about abolitionism and equal rights for all. She gave speeches about slavery and rights. Throughout the years after she gained freedom, she was a powerful woman who consistently linked the oppression of slavery with the long-term subjection of women, making her one of the most powerful advocates for human rights in the 19th century. Truth’s place setting combines references to her African heritage and her prominent roots in American history. In this runner, Chicago connects the African origins of quilting with its history in the US. Stylistically, Truth’s place setting is characterised by bold and vibrant colours, complex patterns, and detailed craftsmanship. Chicago incorporates textile art, such as embroidery and needlework, bringing traditionally associated women’s roles. Through the use of textiles, Chicago shows Truth’s background as a former slave and her advocacy for African-American women’s rights, since they were often associated with domestic roles. Iconographically, Chicago used various symbols and motifs to represent the different aspects of Truth. In the centre of the setting is a ceramic plate, featuring a women’s torso, decorated with complex designs and symbols. The other place setting is Primordial Goddess. The primordial Goddess is the Greek mother goddess, Gaea - the inspiration for this particular place setting. In Greek mythology, primordial deities are the first generation or forms of gods and goddesses. Gaea is the personification of Earth in Greek mythology. Both immortals and mortals worship her as the goddess of fertility. She was born from Chaos, which early Greek Cosmology stated as

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