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The Vietnam War ruined Johnson’s reputation and made him one of the worst modern day presidents due to his awful guidance and strategies. Admittedly, the war displayed another side of Johnson, an egotistical and thoughtless president. The Vietnam War started as the conflict between the South and the North Vietnamese. However the war had global ramifications. The North Vietnamese led by the Communist Party, and the South was led by a non-Communist regime. However, as a matter of fact, during that period of time, Vietnam War seemed to be necessary in against the Communist party, and the Soviet Union. Johnson believes in “domino theory”: when one country becomes communists then the surrounding countries will also fall under communist influence. While China has become a…show more content…
Johnson, in many ways, became the symbol. At the end of his presidency, nothing he said seemed to be right, nor good for the country. His legacy ended in tragedy. He is still synonymous with failure. However, during his presidency, Johnson engineered and drove a tremendous amount of important legislations that benefited the poor, the elderly, minorities: he poured money into the reconstruction of education and pushed through medical care and civil rights legislations that outlawed discrimination against minorities in the areas of accommodations in interstate commerce, voting, and housing. He is a competent overall as a president. Admittedly, his horrific handling of Vietnam has long lasting shadow in America history. However, Johnson has taken America to a new era in domestic policies and his accomplishments are inextinguishable. No one is flawless. Johnson made horrible mistakes in handling the Vietnam War, but he started it for the good for the U.S.. He put so much effort to advance his country and maximize America’s impact during his term. Lyndon Johnson is an imperfect giant. His legacy deserves more

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