John Stuart Mill Analysis

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Philio Gabriel (2010) stated that John Stuart Mill was a very intelligent philosopher of history. He studied since young and ended his working life by working with the parliament. Throughout his lifetime, as a philosopher he brought and suggested the concept of liberty in the society. Liberty is a freedom. According to Mill, liberty is limited with the state’s authority. In the concept of liberty, he adopted the utilitarianism which means the system of thought by states regarding the best actions and decisions in a specific situations which brings advantages to many people in the society. Therefore, Philio Gabriel (2010) highlighted Will’s concept of liberty with the moral theory of utilitarianism whereas individuals themselves being a judges for their consequences. Mill’s concept of liberty focused on the individuals and ”defend the rights of individuals which involved civil liberties, individuality and personal autonomy” (Gabriel, 2010). In Mill’s book itself ‘On Liberty’ pointed out a few thoughts and ideas regarding how liberty of individuals and the response from the author...

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