John Proctor Flaw

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The recent playwright that I read is Crucible. Crucible is very well known play in theater and literature courses. It is actually based on true story and it’s about witchcraft that happen in Salem, Massachusetts during late 1600s. Salem is very religious town and citizens there see witchcrafts as part of the demon world. There were a lot of accusations, guilt, hangings, and so on forth. John Proctor happens to be in the midst of it. To briefly summary the Crucible and what ignited the crazy accusation and witchcraft. Group of girls were dancing wildly in the wood with a black slave that goes by the name Tituba. Reverend Parris caught them in act. Shortly after, his daughter, Betty, who was part of the ritual, became ill. The town heard about it assume that witchcraft have something to do with it. Abigail, the leader of the group were being questioned about what was happening the forest and does it have something to do with witchcraft. She denied it and it was only dancing for fun. Reverend Parris believed her words and told the town folks. John Proctor came into the picture and told Abigail to stop the craziness. John Proctor and Abigail happened to have a secret affair while Abigail was working for him. Elizabeth, John’s wife, fired her once she found out about it. Skipping through the scenes to Tituba’s part. Reverend Hale, who examined Betty, were very suspicious of the whole situation and questioned Tituba. Tituba confesses that she was communicating with the devil. Then Abigail confessed that she have seen the devil communicating with other town folks and then Betty start naming people that may be involve in witchcraft, which really made the whole town go crazy. While the witch trails and accusations were happening, Eliza... ... middle of paper ... ... as Mrs. Proctor. It got to the point to where Abigail turn into witchcraft to get what she want. So therefore, John’s first downfall is his lust and having an affair with Abigail that fueled Abigail’s motivation to destroy his marriage and make John marry her. The second downfall of John is pride, toward to the end when Mary, his servant, for being a witch, falsely accused him. At first, he kept denying it, but was arrested and on hold for further trails if he confessed. Despite of Hale’s pleas to the judge that John is innocent, John doesn’t want to destroy and brand his name as a liar. He just accepts the accusation that he’s a witch and ended up being handed. The pride of John Proctor got the best of him. However, it did keep the town silent about the witch trails and witchcraft. Works Cited Miller, Arthur. The Crucible. Dramatists Play Service, 1954. Print.

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