John Keats: Amazing Poet and Hero

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John Keats is not only one of the greatest poets in English literature, but he is also one of its few heroes. Despite being relatively unknown during his life, Keats became the defining symbol of the late Romantic time period in which he lived Even after his premature death at the young age of twenty-five, Keats's poetry was scrutinized. If not for several profound occurrences in John Keats’s lifetime, and without the friendships that he made, he never would have been able to address the political issues at the time or find a way to release his feelings of heartbreak

John Keats was born on October 31, 1795 on a small farm in London, England to Thomas and Frances Keats. He had a relatively stable early childhood, he lost his father at the age of eight when he fell of his horse. This death had a large impact on his early childhood. He had no father figure to guide him through his crucial developmental stages in his life. Through research done on his life and poetry, the conclusions has been reached that this could possibly the reason that some of his earlier poems had somewhat depressing titles. One of these is “In Drear Nighted December”, which at one point discussed how a young boy and girl have no joy in their life. This is possibly a reference to how he would get sad and lonely during the cold England winters.

Not only did he loose his father at a young age, but just six years later, his mother fell ill to leukemia and passed. This forced his grandmother to take care of him and his four brothers, but she was unable to, so she got two london shopkeepers to care for them. This most doubtedly left Keats feeling abandoned by his grandmother. His grandmother was the last known family member that he had left and she...

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...old him to go to Italy, where he said that his warmer climate would ease the pain he was having. He traveled by boat from England to Naples with his friend Joseph Severn. Joseph cared for John until his death on February 23, 1821. He was 25

John’s life was full of numerous difficulties many people would not have been able to handle. However, Keats was able to go on with his life and instead, wrote his emotions paper and thus produced 19th century classics. When he writes, Keats puts all of his feelings and emotions into his work. Those emotions can be traced throughout the poem and they contribute passion to his works. Using this style, Keats crafted some of the best poetry ever created. It is for these reasons that the once heavily despised John Keats’s poems have become a staple in English classes and some of the most studied poems in the English language
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