John C Calhoun Analysis

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Jeffrey Alhassan Mr. Vandegrift 4th period I&D Block 28 April 2014 John C Calhoun As “The Champion of the South”, John C Calhoun often threatened the unity of the nation. John C Calhoun was a War hawk who had a desire to go to war with Great Britain. He developed the Nullification theory, a theory that changed Southern government. He defended the idea of slavery, calling it “a positive good”. His ideas and theories had a great impact on the South’s secession and also his desire to annex Texas led to a war with Mexico. John Caldwell Calhoun was born on March 18, 1782, in Abbeville, South Carolina. He grew up in the age of king cotton. Calhoun began as a subsistence farmer; the cotton gin helped him become wealthy. He also owned a plantation and about 30 slaves who were mostly used as labor in the cotton fields. Calhoun graduated from Yale University, and then went to law school. He served in the South Carolina legislature and was elected to go to Congress. Calhoun served as Secretary of War under James Monroe. In the Election of 1824 Calhoun was elected Vice President under John Quincy Adams. Calhoun ran for president in the election of 1828 along with John Q Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and William Crawford. He lost the election to Andrew Jackson, but he became the Vice President. Calhoun protected the Southern interests. As a Southerner and a politician, he defended the idea of slavery. Calhoun believed slavery was a good thing. During this time period the United States was deeply divided by slavery. On February 6, 1837, Calhoun delivered a speech insisting that slavery was a “positive good” (John C. Calhoun: quote on slavery). According to Calhoun slavery was a system that was “well balanced, well managed and... ... middle of paper ... ... nation. South Carolina had once tried to secede from U.S but was stopped by Andrew Jackson. John C Calhoun as the champion of the South developed the nullification theory and secession by defending Southern interest and laws; this had heavily influenced secession in the South which later led to the Civil War. This man repeatedly threatened the unity of the nation. I personally disagree with all what John C Calhoun stood for. I do not think slavery was or is a good thing, I also do not believe that a state should separate from its country, just because it disagrees with a law or policy. Additionally acquiring land wrongly is not right. In conclusion I believe all men are born equal, I believe a nation is stronger if all its States and people work together to solve its problems, finally I believe in helping my neighbors because it brings unity, trust and development.
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