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James Earl Carter was the 39th President of the United States of America. He was elected President in 1977 until 1981. He insisted in being called "Jimmy" instead of James because he wanted to be known as a down to earth man. President Carter appealed to the American people with his slogan "A leader, for a change" and because he claimed he would "never tell a lie." During Carter's Administration he battled high inflation rates, high gas prices, and unemployment. He also faced many challenges in foreign affairs such as the Iran hostage Crisis, and in domestic affairs such as energy and the economy. Carter is also remembered for his ability to negotiate peace between Israel and Egypt and for promoting human rights. Technological and cultural events flourished during Carter's Presidency. Jimmy Carter impacted the nation during his first and only term during his Presidency.
President Carter's years as President brought him face to face with the challenges of American politics. As President, he pardoned all war evaders of the Vietnam war on January 21st 1977. A war evader is someone who avoids being drafted for war. This was a very controversial move, but helped move the country forward. In 1979, Iran took over the United States Embassy and took over 50 U.S. citizens as hostages in Tehran. President Carter tried to rescue the hostages but failed, resulting in the deaths of American service men. The Iran hostage crisis ended the day after the new president was sworn into office. President Jimmy Carter ordered a boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. He ordered the boycott in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. President Carter successfully negotiated the Camp David peace agreement between Irael a...

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...y Walkman costing around $200.00. Voyager I and II are launched and pictures from Voyager I shows Jupiter's rings. The first MRI scanner was tested in New York and the first snowboard was invented and tested. Video and arcade games were also released. The new technology allowed for new consumer products to exist.
In conclusion, President Jimmy Carter did not get re-elected for a second term. However, the President accomplished some very important things during his admistration. He is remembered for his peace agreement between Israel and Egypt and his improvement to human rights. Some controversal decisions like to boycott 1980 Olympics, and the return of the Panama Canal to Panama, earned the President of lot of backlash and ridicule. The poor economy, and the hostage crisis also contributed to President Carter's defeat by President Ronald Reagan in 1980.
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