Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix once said "When the power of love over comes the love of power, the world will finally find peace". Im here to day to tell you of his journey to try and make that clear to every 1 else. Yes, Jimi did more than just play guitar. This is the love and times of Mr. James Marshall Hendrix.

James Marshall Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle Washington. James faced a somewhat difficult childhood as he was faced with many obstacles. His father quickly divorced his alcoholic mother who later died in 1958. Years passed and Jimi continued living with his father and attending grade school. His father introduced him to the guitar at age 13 and taught him how to play. James grew fond of playing but never pursued it as a child. In 1959, Jimi was expelled from high school because of poor behavior. Jimi enlisted in the US Army. But he injured his back on a jump, so he got out on medical discharge.

As Jimi Hendrix matured, he turned to his guitar skills when nothing else was working for him. He joined a blues and rhythm circuit that traveled around playing at different restaurants in Nashville. Jimi was only a sideman and was making only a little money, if any at all. Then, Jimi met a man named Curtis Knight who was the lead singer of Curtis Knight and the Squires. Hendrix and Knight quickly became close friends. Knight knew the music industry and helped out Hendrix. Though Knight helped Hendrix, he also hurt him. Knight introduced Hendrix to Greenwhich Village. This is where all the music was, but that's not all. Marijuana, Cocaine, and pep pills were all introduced to Hendrix and became apart of his daily life, as he was an avid abuser of these drugs. Not long after being in the band the Animals' bassist, Chas Chandler, approached Hendrix and convinced him to move to London. In London, Chandler became Hendrix's manager and helped him form The Hendrix Experience. This new group consisted of Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, and Noel Redding. The Experience consisted of R&B with a little eclectic pop. His new group quickly became popular in London earning top ten spots on the UK Top Ten.

The Hendrix Experience saw their first opportunity arise as Paul McCartney recommended the group to the Monterey International Pop Festival. They joined the festival and were the opening act for The Monkees.
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