Jesus & Muhammad Paper

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Jesus & Muhammad Paper


Few men have impacted the world in the way that Jesus and Muhammad have. They are the two prominent names in Christianity and Islam. These men were born in separate times. However, they served very similar purposes during their lives. Together, they have influenced the lives of more people in the last two thousand years than any others. Both are considered the main pillars of their respective religions and are highly regarded figures amongst their followers. Jesus was responsible for the promotion of Christianity, while Muhammad helped to spread the word of Islam. Both Jesus and Muhammad became known for the role they played in the establishment and strengthening of each religion and their messages are still being carried out today.

The life of Jesus

It is not known exactly when Jesus, the son of God, was born to the Virgin Mary and Joseph. Jesus is believed to have been conceived within the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. Joseph, her fiancé at the time, was instructed by an angel of God to continue with his plans to marry her. Shortly after they wed, Mary and Joseph had to travel to their ancestral city of Bethlehem for a census being taken by the ruling Roman Empire. Jesus is said to have been born in a stable among animals, because there was no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph when they arrived at Bethlehem. Some stories tell of Shepard’s traveling to see Jesus to pay their respects after angels of God had come to tell them a Savior had been born. Others tell of three Wise ...

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...est growing religion in the United States and may now be the second largest religion in the country. (Fisher, 2005) Both men lived and professed a life of morality. They taught about love, humility, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness for all people, regardless of race or social status. They taught people the importance of moral values and living by God’s rules. Many stories are still told about the life and teachings of Jesus and Muhammad, and their kindness and compassion are still recognized. Both of their followers continue to spread their message and practice the Christian and Islamic faiths, and they make every effort to live a life like that of their prophet; be it Jesus or Muhammad.


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